Potassium silicates

Potassium silicates

Our specialty

We have been manufacturing potassium silicate solutions for a wide range of applications in Münchenstein for over 100 years. These are available both as standard products and as tailor-made solutions that are precisely adapted to the customer's manufacturing process.

Thanks to their unique properties, potassium silicates are extremely versatile and are used, for example, as binders in the paint industry, in concrete coating and the production of welding powders and welding electrodes, as raw materials in the manufacture of detergents and cleaning agents, or as crop protection agents. Our potassium silicates can also be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs, so that the customer obtains the optimum performance/function in his specific process.

What are potassium silicates?

Background knowledge

What are potassium silicates?

Potassium silicates, are chemical substances, without definite chemical formula or definite molecular weight, they are rather amorphous glasses or aqueous solutions of glasses, a combination of potassium oxide and silicic acid in different proportions.

Potassium silicates, CAS No. 1213-76-1 / EINECS No. 215-199-1 represent a whole group of substances with the general formula. 

K2O - nSiO2 where n = 0.5 - 4.5

can be circumscribed.


Our potassium silicates offer the following additional benefits in your application and process:


Good inorganic binder

Less efflorescence

Mineral and not harmful to the environment

Product specifications

Our standards

ProductK2O [%] by weightSiO2 [%] by weightMolar ratioDensity [Bé]Viscosity @ 20°C [mPa*s]
INOCOT K-28378.4521.303.9530.0035
INOCOT K-352410.6023.503.8435.0040
INOBOND K-400913.0026.853.2441.00275
INOCOT K-462615.7028.852.8846.00260
INOCOT K-432017.6022.502.0043.8015
INOCOT K-571030.5519.501.0055.5040

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