Sustainable. For you.

Silicate-based binders

Sustainable. Uncomplicated to use. Exactly for you.
Our silicate-based binders.

You are the innovative manufacturer of investment castings.
We are your innovative partner for the ecologically clean binder.

Silicates are amorphous. At the end of their life cycle, they decompose back into their original, natural components of sand and carbonate.
They can be disposed of without any problems.
They are therefore very ecological.

Your shape, our binders: the best of both worlds.



At a glance


Cost efficient and flexible

The sand casting process allows low molding costs and more complex geometries with cavities and undercuts to be realized.

Sustainable and safe

Our inorganic silicate-based binders are gaining ground due to their harmless effects on the environment and occupational safety.


We bind your molds and cores exactly according to your customer's needs.

Simple disposal

Our silicate-based products can be easily disposed of together with the lost mold.


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