Sodium silicates

Sodium silicates

Pure versatility

Sodium silicates are extremely versatile in their applications, which has certainly contributed to their great success in the chemical industries. Sodium silicates are a multifunctional and yet inexpensive product that has a number of interesting properties:
Alkalinity, removal of water hardness, corrosion protection, etc.

Thus, sodium silicates are used in the paper and textile industries, for the production of detergents and various hygiene products, as well as in many areas of the construction industry.

With the specific adaptation of the component ratios, the already great versatility of sodium silicates can be further increased.

Soluble sodium silicates are completely inorganic and, when diluted, have no significant effect on the environment. When in contact with Ca, Mg, Al or Fe, they form insoluble silicates, like those found in nature. When neutralized, the silicates recycle themselves into amorphous silica.

What are sodium silicates?


What are sodium silicates?

Sodium silicates, CAS No. 1344-09-8 / EINECS No. 215-687-4 represent a whole group of substances with the general formula 

Na2O - nSiO2 where n = 1.5 - 4.0

can be circumscribed.


Our sodium silicates offer you decisive advantages in a wide range of applications!


Cheap raw material and additive

Excellent inorganic binder

Product specifications

Our standards

ProductNa2O [%] by weightSiO2 [%] by weightMolar ratioDensity [Bé]Viscosity @ 20°C [mPa*s]
INOBOND Na-30015.9023.104.0431.0045
INOSIL Na-38028.1527.153.4438.2590
INOBOND Na-451310.3531.403.1345.50775
INOSIL Na-482414.2528.652.0749.00300
INOPLEX 16014.5028.001.9949.25250
INOSIL Na-471515.4023.701.5947.25150

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