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Put our 40+ years of formulation experience, proven inventions and new product manufacturing success to work for you!

Our team of 8 specialists in the R&D and quality laboratories has a broad expertise (more than 100 years of industry experience) and can best support you in the development of a wide range of materials based on silicate or organic-mineral technologies.

Our services

Expert knowledge

Our services

Our dedicated technical experts can assist you with product development, solution finding, analysis or physicochemical testing. In our laboratory, we combine industry knowledge with the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to achieve your formulation goals.

Our research and development facilities are designed to be flexible and handle a variety of projects and services.

What we can do for you


Formulation of silicates according to specification (SiO2 content, solids content, molar ratio, etc.) or tailor-made for your process

Updating your existing formulations (e.g., replacing raw materials that no longer exist)

Exploring how silicates can replace harmful substances in your formulation

Flexibility for your R&D project through additional manpower and experience, with the guarantee that everything will be kept strictly confidential

Research into new applications for silicate-based products

Carrying out quality tests for products and raw materials

Formulation of paints and coatings based on our range of silicate binders or our newly developed OMB technology that exactly match your product profile (in terms of adhesion, gloss, scratch resistance, UV resistance, mechanical properties and raw material costs)


Our test procedures

In our research and quality laboratory, trials and tests are carried out daily in accordance with current standards:


Ion chromatography (IC)

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)

Measurement of particle size and particle size distribution by means of laser diffraction

Viscosity determination (ASTM D789, D4878)

Density measurement (EN ISO 2811-1)

Determination of water permeability (W) according to EN 1062-3

Measurement of Sd value (water vapor diffusion) according to EN ISO 7783-2


Our core competencies

Our promise


Our promise

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Our laboratory in numbers

8 employees

Around 100 years of combined professional experience

4 newly developed products per year

10-20 individual customer projects per year

We are here for you


We are here for you

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