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High quality de-inking and bleaching

Sodium silicates have always been an important auxiliary material for recovered paper processing. For deinking and flotation, vanBaerle has developed INOPLEX.
INOPLEX enables high-quality and at the same time cost-efficient paper bleaching.


High quality, reduced costs


Higher whiteness - Higher paper quality

INOPLEX achieves an improved effect during deinking due to its optimized functionality. This results in a higher degree of whiteness and thus a higher quality of the paper.

Cost reduction due to lower chemical usage

Due to the increased effectiveness of INOPLEX, the quantities of silicate and caustic used can be significantly reduced and cost benefits achieved. The improvement in the degree of whiteness when using INOPLEX also makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of peroxide used, which enables further savings to be made.

Longer machine runtimes

Thanks to the optimized composition of INOPLEX, the risk of silicate transfer from stock preparation to the paper machine circuit is greatly reduced. The effort for maintenance and cleaning is noticeably reduced. The cost of operating the plants is reduced.

Lower wastewater fees

INOPLEX helps to reduce the consumption of caustic soda during deinking. The paper fibers are less attacked, which means that less organic matter is dissolved out of the recovered paper. The COD value remains low and the effort required for wastewater treatment is reduced.

At a glance

Product overview

Product groupAdvantagesProductDensity[Bé]Viscosity [mPas]
Standard sodium silicate
  • Approved excipient

INOSIL Na 3802
INOSIL Na 3803
INOSIL Na 3902

38.0 - 40.060 - 120
INOSIL 100 Series
special sodium silicate
with higher alkali content
without additives
  • Higher buffer capacity
  • Reduction of caustic soda
  • Improved efficiency in the flotation process
44.0 - 53.580 - 850
INOSIL 200 Series
special sodium silicate,
modified with an additive
for peroxide stabilization
  • Reduction of losses
  • Additive biodegradable
  • High savings in treatment costs
  • Gain in brightness in the bleaching process
45.0 - 53.5120 - 1000
How does INOPLEX work?


How does INOPLEX work?

  • INOPLEX acts as a buffer and stabilizes the pH value in the desired range.
  • INOPLEX binds free alkali and reduces free alkalinity.
  • INOPLEX binds metal ions which catalyze the decomposition of peroxide. Thus INOPLEX contributes to the stabilization of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Due to the structure of the silicate, INOPLEX exhibits an increased dispersing effect and thus improves flotation.

INOPLEX compared

The better choice

Compared to conventional silicates...

...the effectiveness of our INOPLEX silicates is significantly increased.

Compared to conventional silicates...

...INOPLEX has a higher number of active silicate chains (proven by structural studies)

Compared to conventional silicates...

...INOPLEX can suppress fiber attack and yellowing of the paper

Compared to conventional silicates...

...INOPLEX reduces the amount of free lye (proven by process measurements)

Compared to conventional silicates...

...the amount of bound lye and the buffer effect is increased when using INOPLEX.


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