Detergents and cleaning agents

Detergents and cleaning agents

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Alkalinity, activation and buffering effect.

For many years, large quantities of liquid silicates have been successfully used in the formulation of detergents and cleaning agents. In doing so, manufacturers take advantage of many of the properties of silicates. Silicates are used in alkaline detergents as buffers, alkali suppliers and also as builders to neutralize water hardness metals.

The choice of silicate defines the possible field of application of the detergent or cleaning agent:
Sodium silicates tend to be used mildly alkaline products, while potassium silicates are used almost exclusively in highly alkaline detergents and cleaners for industrial and professional use.


Detergents and cleaning agents

Clean, sustainable and cost-efficient


Reduction of surface tension

Support for dirt removal

Preventing the deposition of dirt, oil and grease on fibers and surfaces

Additional effect as corrosion inhibitors on metallic surfaces


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