Organo Mineral Binder

Organo Mineral Binder

The future is colorful!

Mineral properties in a high-quality organic binder system?

Together with renowned research partners, we have combined the advantages of silicate paints with those of standard dispersion paints. The result is OMB, our Organo-Mineral Binder, a hybrid binder with organic and mineral polymers that creates a physicochemical bond between the organic and mineral molecules. OMB is a highly flexible binder that is completely biocide-free, easily resists water and UV radiation, and adheres equally securely to mineral and organic substrates. 

The bond between the two types of polymers provides very good flexibility and high liquid water resistance, while not compromising water vapor permeability. Due to the low Tg acrylic polymers used, no coalescing agent is required in the formulation of the paint and the final binder does not contain any biocides. Also, no additional preservation is needed in the formulation of the paint system.

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At a glance



OMB is formulated completely biocide-free. Addition of preservatives in the paint formulation is not necessary.


On mineral and organic substrates: ISO 0 / ASTM 5B.

Water impermeability

OMB reliably prevents the penetration of liquid water: W24 0.023 (DIN EN ISO 1062-3)


Even after more than 500 hours of direct sunlight, OMB-based inks show hardly any color changes.


OMB achieves 100% magnification at 3.0 MPa.

Dirt pick-up

Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up

Reaction to fire

Flame retardant (class B1-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1 classification report)


About 20% of the polymer content consists of sand-based mineral polymers and are therefore completely ecologically harmless.

The future is OMB!

The way to the goal

If you look closely, you can see the different steps in the development of OMB:

Standard mixture

The 4000x magnification shows a mixture of styrene acrylic polymer and standard silicate as used in the paint and varnish industry. The mineral polymer (dark), which forms a brittle, glass-like domain, is clearly visible.

Compatible polymers

As can be seen in the picture (enlarged 4000 times), great progress in homogeneity has already been achieved by adapting the mineral polymer.

OMB technology x4000

The image (enlarged 4000 times) shows the final hybrid organo-mineral binder, which consists of an acrylic polymer combined with a mineral polymer.

OMB technology x5000

When enlarged again (5000x), the homogeneity of the hybrid organo-mineral binder is clearly visible. OMB combines the two technologies in a binder that can be used alone or in combination with other compatible organic polymers.

The new technology

Our portfolio


OMB 128

OMB 130

OMB 131

OMB 133

Solid content [% by weight]





Minimum film forming temperature


2° C

2° C

2° C
pH value11.0 - 11.511.0 - 11.511.0 - 11.511.0 - 11.5
VOC [ppm]< 3'000< 1'000< 3'000< 1'000
Density [20°C]
Viscosity [20°C]60 - 120 mPas60 - 120 mPas40 - 120 mPas40 - 120 mPas

Convincing test results

Quick test dirt pick-up resistance

To pre-test the dirt pick-up resistance (according to UNI 10792 standard), we compared a paint based on our INOCOT OMB technology with a paint widely available in Europe.
The two paints were applied by machine and dried under the same conditions (1 week at room temperature).
The quick test itself is carried out with a supsension of black iron oxide (15%).

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Test results

Quick test fire retardancy

Due to the unique technology combination of mineral and organic polymers, paints based on INOCOT OMB offer decisive advantages in fire behaviour.
We wanted to prove this with a quick test. For this purpose, dry films were made of an OMB-based paint and an acrylic paint and their fire behaviour was compared.

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Technical support

Shape the future

Technical support

With our team of coating experts, we are happy to provide you with support. We create guide formulations for a wide range of product types and requirement profiles, formulate paint formulations tailored to your needs and are also available on site for technical support.

Contact our development department directly and become part of the OMB community.

OMB 2.0

Never stop improving

OMB 2.0

At the moment, our OMB technology is focused on Architectural Coatings. However, we all know that development in the paint sector is never complete.
We are already thinking about where the journey with OMB could go and where further areas of application lie.

Do you have an idea? Do you think OMB could help you solve your problem?
Get in touch with our experts!


Our experts for OMB

Simon Grossmann

Head of Sales OMB

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Caroline Dorcier

Head of R&D Laboratory


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