Silicate paints

Silicate paints

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The names Keim and vanBaerle were the first to be associated with silicate or mineral paints. The vanBaerle family has been involved in the supply of silicate binders for mineral paints since 1878. As in the past, silicate paints are known and appreciated today for their strong bonding with mineral substrates, their self-cleaning ability, and their resistance to stains and acids. In addition - and this is becoming increasingly important in today's world - mineral paints formulated with our silicate binders are completely biocide-free and are thus also geared to the most modern environmental needs.

Silicate paints
High quality silicate products for your paints

INOCOT series

High quality silicate products for your paints

Our high-quality products form the basis for a stable, durable and easy-to-use mineral paint. We use our extensive knowledge to work closely with our customers in the paint and coatings industry to find the perfect solution to optimize the performance of their products.
Our INOCOT range of silicate-based binders and additives offer outstanding benefits to our customers.

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The naturally high pH value of silicate binders makes it possible to keep the paint stable without the use of biocides. Especially in times of increasingly strict guidelines, the absence of biocides is a big plus.


INOCOT silicate binders offer a cost-effective way to formulate mineral paints. Due to their exceptional resistance and durability, they contribute to reducing maintenance costs.


Silicate paints are extremely resistant. Whether water, stains, algae, UV radiation - the resistance of an INOCOT-based paint is unsurpassed and ensures long-lasting color fastness.


The strong physicochemical bond with the mineral substrate provides excellent adhesion and thus protects the substrate.

Technical Data

Product overview

128 / 130 / 131 / 133
Solid content [%]30.029.830.346.5 - 48.0
Organic content [%]0<1<1~40
pH value11.311.311.311.3
VOC-freeyes yesyes

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Standard binder

INOCOT K-2837 is based on potassium silicate, is concentrated, clear and odorless. Silicification creates a durable structure and thus paints formulated and manufactured with INOCOT K-2837 offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates 
  • Suitable for many applications 
  • Compatible with almost all mineral substrates 
  • Minimize cracking due to a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of the mineral substrate 
  • Weather resistance 
  • Light fastness 
  • Self-cleaning and dirt-repellent function 
  • Corrosion inhibiting effect 
  • Long service life 
  • Very cost effective 
  • Flame retardant properties 

Stabilized binders

INOCOT 320 is a concentrated, transparent and odorless binder for silicate paints. It is a pre-stabilized version of our INOCOT K-2837 and is especially suitable for the formulation of organo-silicate paints.

Our stabilized INOCOT binders offer better compatibility with other common components of the formulations, a very low organic content (< 1%) and provide optimized stability of the mineral color formulation.

Our INOCOT 330 is the VOC-free alternative to INOCOT 320 for the formulation of solvent-free mineral paints.

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Technical Support

Do you need support?

If required, our experts will be happy to support you in all matters relating to silicate paints and suitable binders. 
If you also require support in the area of research and development, we will be happy to provide you with our know-how in paint formulation, additional development capacities and many other services. You will find an overview of our R&D services under Services.

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