Fire protection glass

Fire protection glass

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Improved fire protection due to high-quality silicates.

Due to their intumescent properties, silicates are an important component in the manufacture of glazing for refractory glass.
Refractory glass consists of a sandwich-like structure of glass and silicate. The silicate solution, which contains additives to increase flexibility, is dried on the glass surface. This is then enclosed by a steel frame.
In the event of a fire, heat is absorbed by the silicate interlayers, which contain bound water. As the temperature rises, the water in the interlayers evaporates and the resulting glass foam expands to form an insulating barrier. When the top layer of glass shatters due to excessive heat, the foamed water glass holds the fragments together.

Fire protection glass

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Thanks to a complex and very precise (pressure, temperature, filtration, ...) manufacturing process, our silicates are ultra-transparent. We achieve a unique transparency in the market.

Highest purity

We select our raw materials according to very specific criteria. This gives us a very pure silicate. This purity makes the silicate extremely stable over a long period of time, which is very important for the production of fire-resistant glass.

High fire resistance

Due to water entrapment and the intumescent effect, fire-resistant glasses made with our silicates are particularly efficient.


Our silicates are 100% mineral and therefore absolutely harmless for the nature.


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