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Stronger and faster plant growth.

Potassium silicate is a powerful ally for the plant, as it can be absorbed by the plant in liquid form. The supply of potassium and silicon has positive effects on the growth and resistance of vegetables or fruits to pests and diseases, and reduces hydric stress.

Silicate can also be called silicon fertilizer. Due to the desilication process, silicon (Si) is continuously lost from the soil through leaching. Subtropical and tropical soils are generally poor in silicon, which is why plants here benefit especially from Si fertilization.
The lack of silicon in plants can affect their health and productivity.


At a glance


Natural biocide

Our silicates rapidly break down into molecular forms that are indistinguishable from naturally occurring silica. Silicates are completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, while possessing many of the beneficial properties of pesticides and fertilizers.

Stronger plants

Our silicates provide important nutrients that plants need to become strong and resilient. Silicon helps to increase the stiffness of the stem, which makes plants more resistant to weather conditions and water stress.

Long term protection

Potassium silicate is used as a biostimulant to strengthen plants, protecting them from mites and other insects. It also strengthens the cell walls, forming a physical barrier against infection by pathogens.

Faster growth

Silicates increase the growth rate of plants. They promote photosynthesis and strengthen the cells.
As a result, the plants become stronger and can grow faster. 

Higher yield

Silicates help plants grow faster and stronger by acting on roots, leaves and the number of flowers.
Therefore, they increase the yield of plants.

Application examples

A picture says more than 1000 words

Untreated rice field

Here and on the right picture you can see two sides of the same rice field.
This is the untreated side.

Treated rice field

Here you see the side of the rice field treated with a vanBaerle product.
You can clearly see that the plants have grown greener, larger and stronger.


On the left, a seedling fertilized with a vanBaerle product.

On the right, an untreated seedling.


Standard products at a glance

PropertiesINOCOT K-5710INOCOT K-2837INOCOT K-5816INOCOT K-5524
Physical formLiquidLiquidLiquidLiquid
% K2O30.608.4527.0021.20
% SiO219.5021.3029.0032.60
Solids content in %50.0030.0056.0053.80


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