Mixed silicates

Mixed silicates

It's all in the mix!

In addition to the abundance of possible pure silicates of potassium, sodium and lithium, these can be mixed with each other, even these mixtures do not lead to substances with defined stoichiometry or defined molar weight, the general formula here is:

Me2O - nSiO2 where n = 0.5 - 5.0
With mixed silicates, it is possible to combine the good properties of the three common alkali silicates, the good solubility and low efflorescence of potassium silicate with the high adhesive strength of sodium silicate and the special properties of lithium silicates, which themselves develop hardly any bonding strength, but in bonded systems provide improved surface conductivity and lower water absorption. 


Our blended silicates, created especially for you, combine the advantages of all products:


Very good inorganic binder

Many desired properties adjustable

Mineral and not harmful to the environment

Product specifications

Our standards

ProductMe2O [%] by weightSiO2 [%] by weightMolar ratioDensity [Bé]Viscosity @ 20°C [mPa*s]
INOBOND 310 (Na/K)18.6325.402.1445.0045
INOBOND 510 (Li/Na)12.0531.602.7048.00700
INOBOND 610 (Li/K)11.8525.503.3737.00300
INOBOND 710 (Li/Na/K)11.3625.003.4536.00250
INOCOT 601 (Li/K)16.9828.752.6544.50200

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