Time-efficient washing I Less time, less energy, higher productivity.

Moving your laundry into the future. You too can save valuable time and money through time-efficient, low-temperature washing. Make sure you capitalize on the full savings potential offered by our forward-looking, chlorine-free, oxygen-based washing process.

  • Significant savings on manpower and costs
  • Appreciable cuts in water and energy consumption
  • Less pollution and lower carbon emissions
  • Considerable increase in number of daily washing cycles
  • Maximum hygiene performance

An end to capacity problems.

Optimize your washing processes. Time-efficient washing at 50°C (with or without a prewash cycle) using our GREEN or CLASSIC eco-products will boost your washing capacity by up to five washing cycles per working day.

More clean washing and more hygiene within a shorter time.

Time-efficient washing at low temperatures significantly increases the number of possible washing cycles per working day while cutting water use by more than 50% and power consumption by over 70%. The shorter washing times will boost your productivity and minimize labour costs. Impeccable hygiene performance can be guaranteed even at a temperature of 50°C. No second washing cycle or spotting (individual stain removal) is needed. This is due to the secondary cleansing action during low-temperature washing of the supplementary oxidizing agent (PAP). The high-performance, odourless, oxygen-based bleaching agent reliably removes stains and eliminates unpleasant smells. It is also very gentle on fibres and colours, and readily biodegradable.


Relavit® protect

Eliminates the need for additional immersion cleaning!

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Relacare – legionella

Legionella monitoring to protect your health and that of your guests.

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Time-efficient washing

Our formula for saving time on washing.

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New GREEN products

New GREEN products

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