Relacare – legionella

To ensure full compliance with the FDHA (Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs) ordinance on drinking water and water in showers, effective as of 1 May 2017, vanBaerle will inspect all relevant water installations in your company.

The water samples are laboratory tested using accredited, internationally standardized methods.

vanBaerle is your partner of choice for the design and implementation of contemporary, all-round hygiene management systems.

Apart from using our complete range of high-performance, ecological cleaning agents, you will enjoy all the benefits of our experience in guaranteeing impeccable hygiene and cleanliness.

Our legionella inspections will ensure that you use properly tested water and can fully protect the health of your guests and staff.

Depending on your estimated requirements, the monitoring and inspection system for your water installations will comprise:

  • A general risk appraisal
  • Water inspections: heating system, flowing water, stagnant water
  • Cold water analysis
  • Other potential sources of infection


Relavit® protect

Eliminates the need for additional immersion cleaning!

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Relacare – legionella

Legionella monitoring to protect your health and that of your guests.

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Our formula for saving time on washing.

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New GREEN products

New GREEN products

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