The vanBaerle Group moves its headquarters to Schweizerhalle

After more than 120 successful years in Münchenstein, the vanBaerle Group will move its headquarters to Schweizerhalle, in the course of 2019. After an intense and thorough search, we have found a site that complies with all our expectations in Schweizerhalle. Situated in the North-West of Switzerland, not far from Münchenstein, the outstandingly developed Novartis area offers sufficient space for the two new buildings we have planned.

space for the two new buildings we have planned. more

On an external plot, directly in front of the Novartis area, we intend to construct an office building that will house the marketing and sales departments, the customer call centres, the development laboratories and the technical and support departments. The new approx. 7000 m2 production building will be constructed on an adjoining plot within the Novartis area. It will house the production, the raw material warehouse, the hygiene products warehouse and the quality lab. In accordance with our GREEN philosophy, we chose sustainable timber engineering to construct the production building. Furthermore, thanks to the settlement in an existing industrial area, we will not be consuming any free space.   

The move to Schweizerhalle will be realized step by step, starting in the third quarter of 2019. Our production lines in Münchenstein will be progressively dismantled, transferred and put into operation in Schweizerhalle. During this period, we will be producing on both sites. In Schweizerhalle, vanBaerle Hygiene AG plans to develop modern, biotechnological hygiene products. With this, we consistently implement our sustainable GREEN strategy and promote the development of an environment friendly product range.


Image: Visual of the production building

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